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Linggo, Disyembre 21, 2008

Camp Taji Christmas Party

Christmas is the Joliest time of the year its the time of Peace,Love,Hope and Joy and it's the time of giving gift to our love ones, the world will celebrate to remember the the Birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ who was born in the Manger.

Church Service and Christmas Party

Warrior Chapel International Service

Lot of gifts they will be giving it on the Christmas eve, be there folks..

we set a new a record on our attendance 135 plus (fr: 118) the word of god is really spreading in Camp TAJI

We came from a different nationality different backgrounds and culture, but were the same faith to our Lord Jesus Christ (thanks to our brother & sisters from India, Nepal,Uganda,Philippines,America,Sri Lanka)

SSgt C. Principio fil-ams from Hawai a big smile
The Sermon was really good, the Chaplain talks about of a lot what if? in our live's, what if god did not exist? what if we were not born? sure that something to think of....

The Chaplains at the back quitely listening the song (we wish you merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad)

Candle Light its symbolize Jesus is the light of our life

The church band singin" O Holy NIght..

After the Service its time to eat

The food is good (pansit,fried rice with crab meat,cakes,leche plan,Crab meat balls, and a lot more )

Many many thanks to ate Mary for all the effort and sleepless nights just to prepare all of this.

Arutsski and Sister Evelyn pose first before eating :)

Let me taste this Pansit...

on the screen, its a movie (wonderfull life) about a mission of angel ,send to earth to save a man whose trying to kill himself, we have to watch it next saturday for the full story its... an old old movie... cant wait...

Christmas is all about




"May the spirit of Christmas will touch the heart of every warrior here in Taji.May the good lord will bless our simple sympathy in reminisce his existence.The gift of love The gift of peace The gift of happiness the gift of joy the gift of hope. May all these be yours at Christmas."
"Merry Christmas to all"

6 (na) komento:

~yAnaH~ ayon kay ...

hu hu hu
parang ang daming crab ng menu nyo.. kainggit ahihihi.. mukhang masarap... hehehehe

have a blessed christmas poh..

I am Bong ayon kay ...

wow. Kahit saang party ng mundo, it is very delighting to know that people really find time to celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas Kuya Bomz...

Mike Avenue ayon kay ...

Merry Xmas Pareng Bomzz! Sarap ng party nyo. Kakainggit. Hehehe.

Ikaw ba yung tumikhim ng pansit?

PUSANG-gala ayon kay ...

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Let your heart be light~~~

merry XMAS kuya Boomz~~~

bomzz ayon kay ...

@ Yanah -oo maraming crab meats dito kasi libre lang..

@ I am Bong -maligayang pasko din sayo,

@ Mike Avenue -yong chaplain namin ang tumikim sabi niya yun hehehe

@ PUsang-Gala-maraming salamat sayo, lagi kang gumagala sa blog ko, Merry Christmas Sayo...

kosa ayon kay ...

merry christmas di idol...parang nasa iraq ka nga ahhhh....

buti naman mdaming pagkain dyan?
mukang masasarap pa ahh...

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